INOA. The Hair Color of the Future. No Ammonia. no Odor. Permanent Hair Color, from L’Oreal.

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A well preserved hair fiber color after color***

Hair is smooth for a soft feel

* Respects the essential amino acids and lipid balance of natural hair
** Laboratory test results after 9 applications
*** Respects the hair’s natural protective film after 5 applications, when used with 20, 30 Volume Developer.  

Exact and predictable color palette:
from neutralizing cool shades to vibrant and luminous warm shades

New DM5 and Rubilane™ reds technology offering powerful red without ammonia

Unlimited creativity with 74 shades

Lightens up to 3 levels

Exceptionally even color from scalp to ends

Coverage of up to 100% gray hair

Sublime shine